I cannot play any puzzle, it does not work. Is there a solution?

I have played a puzzle and I have completed it as far as possible (99%) because there was one piece missing. Is it possible?

What does the small square in the right top corner of the puzzle preview mean?

How can I change properties of created puzzles?

I made a puzzle and then I decided to delete it. Can I do it?

What is the difference between private and public puzzles and how can I move some of my public puzzles to my private?

Can I see puzzles made by other users?

Why are some of the pictures grayed out?

I found a puzzle with two upper left hand corners. What is it?

Is it possible instantly to modify (shape, rotation, number of pieces) a puzzle?

How can I send the message to another user?

A user bothers me. What can I do?

POTW Rules

I have received a request to turn off my ad blocker for this site. What does it mean?

How can I disable an ad blocker for the Jigsaw Planet website?

I can't see the ad blocker button. What should I do?



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