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^ Crepe paper28^ Crepe paper^ Chrysanthemum 'Marek'6^ Chrysanthemum 'Marek'^ Great fall colors6^ Great fall colors^ Child with red and yellow ball in a sea of blue & green35^ Child with red and yellow ball in a sea of blue & green^ Crepe paper35^ Crepe paper^ Up close35^ Up close^ Have a colorful breakfast36^ Have a colorful breakfast^ Geometric ~ Elle Ritter36^ Geometric ~ Elle Ritter^ Colored cabin doors35^ Colored cabin doors^ Sliced Heirloom Tomatoes35^ Sliced Heirloom Tomatoes^ Wild flower bouquet35^ Wild flower bouquet^ Gerbera daisies with viburnum35^ Gerbera daisies with viburnum^ Primrose ~ Yellow, red and purple40^ Primrose ~ Yellow, red and purple^ Still life ~ colored bottles40^ Still life ~ colored bottles^ Red, yellow, blue ice cream45^ Red, yellow, blue ice cream^ Beautiful simplicity40^ Beautiful simplicity^ Angles24^ Angles^ Colors and smiley faces35^ Colors and smiley faces^ Rainbow Adirondacks35^ Rainbow Adirondacks^ Colors liquefying40^ Colors liquefying