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^ Sunset Harbor ~ David Maclean24^ Sunset Harbor ~ David Maclean^ Pistachio shells art - Edgar Artis20^ Pistachio shells art - Edgar Artis^ Mad magazine humor21^ Mad magazine humor^ Spring20^ Spring^ Tomato puzzle ~ Pixabay24^ Tomato puzzle ~ Pixabay^ Perfect form12^ Perfect form^ The gaudy was released on the patio16^ The gaudy was released on the patio^ Fat Cat ~ Herrero12^ Fat Cat ~ Herrero^ English Farm Market ~ Susan Brabeau24^ English Farm Market ~ Susan Brabeau^ Lunch Counter ~ John Falter25^ Lunch Counter ~ John Falter^ Garden Fence ~ Catherine Simpson20^ Garden Fence ~ Catherine Simpson^ Forever Friends24^ Forever Friends^ Angels24^ Angels^ Street art graffiti28^ Street art graffiti^ Vintage red rose art24^ Vintage red rose art^ My Old Red Barn24^ My Old Red Barn^ Serenghetti Spaghetti ~ Charlie Harper21^ Serenghetti Spaghetti ~ Charlie Harper^ Bridge to the Christmas cottage28^ Bridge to the Christmas cottage^ Old quilt barn24^ Old quilt barn^ Scream, we all scream for ice cream25^ Scream, we all scream for ice cream