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^ Chocolate Pecan Praline Cake12^ Chocolate Pecan Praline Cake^ Individual cheesecakes24^ Individual cheesecakes^ Strawberry ice cream24^ Strawberry ice cream^ Rainbow donuts24^ Rainbow donuts^ Colorful macarons, box24^ Colorful macarons, box^ Rocky Road Pie24^ Rocky Road Pie^ Six layer pastel rainbow cake24^ Six layer pastel rainbow cake^ Chocolate Turtles24^ Chocolate Turtles^ Paleo pumpkin pie15^ Paleo pumpkin pie^ Berry Pavlova24^ Berry Pavlova^ Buttermilk Chess Pie24^ Buttermilk Chess Pie^ Funnel cake24^ Funnel cake^ Christmas cookies25^ Christmas cookies^ Birthday cake ~ Susan Rios24^ Birthday cake ~ Susan Rios^ Blueberry Tartlets with Lime Curd24^ Blueberry Tartlets with Lime Curd^ Fruitcake Christmas Cookies with bourbon24^ Fruitcake Christmas Cookies with bourbon^ Apple pies24^ Apple pies^ Spiced Linzer Cookies24^ Spiced Linzer Cookies^ Lemon Meringue Pie25^ Lemon Meringue Pie^ Churros and chocolate24^ Churros and chocolate