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^ Castle and beautiful grounds104^ Castle and beautiful grounds^ Leeds Castle108^ Leeds Castle^ Dromoland Castle, Ireland108^ Dromoland Castle, Ireland^ Hatley Castle108^ Hatley Castle^ Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland108^ Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland^ Victorian home104^ Victorian home^ Old house108^ Old house^ Gardener's cottage108^ Gardener's cottage^ Porch, flowers, house108^ Porch, flowers, house^beautiful scenery117^beautiful scenery^ Red house built in the 1800's ~ Spoffard, NH130^ Red house built in the 1800's ~ Spoffard, NH^ Bringing home firewood140^ Bringing home firewood^ Pbuckleymoss120^ PbuckleymossThe_farm_house_160The_farm_house_^ House_wallpaper140^ House_wallpaper