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^ Castle De Haar, Netherlands20^ Castle De Haar, Netherlands^ Bright doorway, Tucson, Arizona24^ Bright doorway, Tucson, Arizona^ Old Salem Home, Winston Salem, North Carolina24^ Old Salem Home, Winston Salem, North Carolina^ Brings back memories20^ Brings back memories^ Home in Virginia24^ Home in Virginia^ Snowshill Manor, Snowshill, Gloucestershire, England25^ Snowshill Manor, Snowshill, Gloucestershire, England^ Country House, Dorset, England ~ Ian Ramsay24^ Country House, Dorset, England ~ Ian Ramsay^ Forest, Spring, Norway, Wildflowers, Hut15^ Forest, Spring, Norway, Wildflowers, Hut^ Lilford Hall, Wadenhoe, Northamptonshire, England24^ Lilford Hall, Wadenhoe, Northamptonshire, England^ Heartland Stove24^ Heartland Stove^ Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado12^ Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado^ Church and Thatch ~ Colin Bradley24^ Church and Thatch ~ Colin Bradley^ Kentucky Horse Farm ~ Jeff Reddick24^ Kentucky Horse Farm ~ Jeff Reddick^ Chipping Campden, the Cotswolds, England16^ Chipping Campden, the Cotswolds, England^ Village, Spain20^ Village, Spain^ Container flowers at the entryway24^ Container flowers at the entryway^ Columbian naive art - Alejandro Pinzón20^ Columbian naive art - Alejandro Pinzón^ Mardi Gras24^ Mardi Gras^ Country Residence ~ Val Stokes24^ Country Residence ~ Val Stokes^ The Irish Cottage ~ Ryan Conners24^ The Irish Cottage ~ Ryan Conners