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^ Crone's Cottage in Winter ~ Will Moses24^ Crone's Cottage in Winter ~ Will Moses^ Bonavista, Newfoundland24^ Bonavista, Newfoundland^ Country Living ~ Medana Gabbard24^ Country Living ~ Medana Gabbard^ Cottage, New Forest, England20^ Cottage, New Forest, England^ Cottage with cedar shakes24^ Cottage with cedar shakes^ Reykjavik, Iceland24^ Reykjavik, Iceland^ Parry Sound ~ A.J. Casson24^ Parry Sound ~ A.J. Casson^ Casas da Costa Nova ~ Pincededali24^ Casas da Costa Nova ~ Pincededali^ I wish you a Merry Christmas24^ I wish you a Merry Christmas^ Castle Combe ~ Mike Jackson24^ Castle Combe ~ Mike Jackson^ Castle of La Vigne France24^ Castle of La Vigne France^ Cape Landscape ~ Isabel le Roux25^ Cape Landscape ~ Isabel le Roux^ A Winter's Smile ~ Paul Horton25^ A Winter's Smile ~ Paul Horton^ Cadgwith, Cornwall, England20^ Cadgwith, Cornwall, England^ Christmas - Dolly Parton Home, Nashville, Tennessee24^ Christmas - Dolly Parton Home, Nashville, Tennessee^ Elfreth's Alley in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania24^ Elfreth's Alley in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania^ Watercolor painting, harbour, boats, houses24^ Watercolor painting, harbour, boats, houses^ Bougainvillea Blue Door Greece20^ Bougainvillea Blue Door Greece^ Castle Beusdael, Belgium24^ Castle Beusdael, Belgium^ Balloons at Sunset ~ Gordon Barker25^ Balloons at Sunset ~ Gordon Barker