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^ Even on a gray day, Positano shines30^ Even on a gray day, Positano shines^ Easter Wisteria and Bunnies Tablescape24^ Easter Wisteria and Bunnies Tablescape^ Sunshine Cottage, Selma, Alabama30^ Sunshine Cottage, Selma, Alabama^ Summer Fields ~ Giorgio Trobec30^ Summer Fields ~ Giorgio Trobec^ St. Michaels, Maryland24^ St. Michaels, Maryland^ Easter table setting21^ Easter table setting^ Serenity ~ Bill Saunders24^ Serenity ~ Bill Saunders^ Mountain Town ~ Edwina Hanshew30^ Mountain Town ~ Edwina Hanshew^ Art of the Dominican Republic30^ Art of the Dominican Republic^ Houses, Hartington Derbyshire England24^ Houses, Hartington Derbyshire England^ English Tudor style home20^ English Tudor style home^ Little Farm House ~ Giorgio Trobec24^ Little Farm House ~ Giorgio Trobec^ Room at the cottage by the shore ~ Taylor Ahearn28^ Room at the cottage by the shore ~ Taylor Ahearn^ Easter tablesetting24^ Easter tablesetting^ Castle Combe village, England35^ Castle Combe village, England^ Pastures ~ Karla Gerard35^ Pastures ~ Karla Gerard^ Porcupine shaped tiny house12^ Porcupine shaped tiny house^ Nightfall ~ Susan Trudinger35^ Nightfall ~ Susan Trudinger^ Oakbrook Castle, Chicago, Illinois35^ Oakbrook Castle, Chicago, Illinois^ Old fashioned kitchen with wooden drying racks16^ Old fashioned kitchen with wooden drying racks