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29 results for food dessert trifle
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^ Pumpkin Butterscotch Spice Cake Trifle15^ Pumpkin Butterscotch Spice Cake Trifle^ Berry Trifle20^ Berry Trifle^ Irish Creme Chocolate Trifle16^ Irish Creme Chocolate Trifle^ Fig and ginger trifle24^ Fig and ginger trifle^ Brownie Trifle16^ Brownie Trifle^ Caramel Banana Trifle28^ Caramel Banana Trifle^ Individual Trifle with Coffee6^ Individual Trifle with Coffee^ Angel Food Cake and Fruit Trifle24^ Angel Food Cake and Fruit Trifle^ Banana pudding trifle24^ Banana pudding trifle^ Fruit trifle15^ Fruit trifle^ Hot Chocolate Trifle12^ Hot Chocolate Trifle^ Chocolate Mint Oreo Cookie Trifle35^ Chocolate Mint Oreo Cookie Trifle^ St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Jello Trifle36^ St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Jello Trifle^ Ham and Potato Soup, Bread Sticks, English Trifle35^ Ham and Potato Soup, Bread Sticks, English Trifle^ Banana pudding trifle35^ Banana pudding trifle^ Strawberry trifle36^ Strawberry trifle^ Raspberry-Lemon Drizzle Trifle35^ Raspberry-Lemon Drizzle Trifle^ Strawberry Trifle42^ Strawberry Trifle^ Lemon Trifle42^ Lemon Trifle^ Raspberry, blueberry trifle20^ Raspberry, blueberry trifle