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Words to specify: +lunch +dinner +sandwich +appetizer +dessert +cake +bacon +pie +fries +cheese

^ Muffaletta24^ Muffaletta^ Peanut pumpkin24^ Peanut pumpkin^ Trout24^ Trout^ Hasselback Potatoes24^ Hasselback Potatoes^ Bacon, egg, lettuce on toast sandwich24^ Bacon, egg, lettuce on toast sandwich^ Sweet Potato Bread Pudding24^ Sweet Potato Bread Pudding^ Thanksgiving and Christmas Foods24^ Thanksgiving and Christmas Foods^ “Shocking” or “stacking” peanuts is a lost art25^ “Shocking” or “stacking” peanuts is a lost art^ Ocellated Turkey25^ Ocellated Turkey^ General Tso's Chicken24^ General Tso's Chicken^ Being pushed and squeezed into shape25^ Being pushed and squeezed into shape^ Coconut Cake25^ Coconut Cake^ Rainbow hearts chiffon cake25^ Rainbow hearts chiffon cake^ Bacon24^ Bacon^ Heartfelt Egg Bake25^ Heartfelt Egg Bake^ Pickled Radishes25^ Pickled Radishes^ Flower cupcake25^ Flower cupcake^ Crack Pork Chops24^ Crack Pork Chops^ Gelato24^ Gelato^ Beef stuffed cabbage rolls24^ Beef stuffed cabbage rolls