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^ Shasta Daisy, Zinnia and Lantana flowers24^ Shasta Daisy, Zinnia and Lantana flowers^ Gerbera Daisies25^ Gerbera Daisies^ Yellow-Orange Gerbera25^ Yellow-Orange Gerbera^ Daisies24^ Daisies^ Spring daisies24^ Spring daisies^ Chamomile Common, daisy, watering can24^ Chamomile Common, daisy, watering can^ Daisies20^ Daisies^ Flower and vegetable arrangement24^ Flower and vegetable arrangement^ Daisies and Dandelions24^ Daisies and Dandelions^ Gerbera Daisies close up6^ Gerbera Daisies close up^ Gerbera Daisies and Baby's Breath25^ Gerbera Daisies and Baby's Breath^ Daisy arrangement16^ Daisy arrangement^ Gerbera center24^ Gerbera center^ Planned picnic24^ Planned picnic^ Yellow stargazer lily, hydrangea, roses, purple aster, gerbera20^ Yellow stargazer lily, hydrangea, roses, purple aster, gerbera^ Red Gerbera Daisies36^ Red Gerbera Daisies^ Beautiful bouquet35^ Beautiful bouquet^ Pink gerbera32^ Pink gerbera^ The Old Quilt ~ Michael Humphries30^ The Old Quilt ~ Michael Humphries^ Gift from the heart24^ Gift from the heart