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^ Whimsical Birds ~ Renie Britenbucher20^ Whimsical Birds ~ Renie Britenbucher^ Ski bold24^ Ski bold^ Yarn16^ Yarn^ Mexican Christmas tablescape dinnerware24^ Mexican Christmas tablescape dinnerware^ Parrot, colors feathers, beak, eyes24^ Parrot, colors feathers, beak, eyes^ Magellan Mix Zinnia16^ Magellan Mix Zinnia^ Spider Mums @ Longwood Gardens24^ Spider Mums @ Longwood Gardens^ Glass Knitting - Carol Milne12^ Glass Knitting - Carol Milne^ Christmas light bulbs - 1Zoom.me25^ Christmas light bulbs - 1Zoom.me^ Frost bitten24^ Frost bitten^ Balloons24^ Balloons^ Buttons16^ Buttons^ Two Chickens ~ Michelle Morin20^ Two Chickens ~ Michelle Morin^ Mallard Duck Flying24^ Mallard Duck Flying^ Cashmere throws24^ Cashmere throws^ Trooping the Colour24^ Trooping the Colour^ Hats in Cartagena, Columbia24^ Hats in Cartagena, Columbia^ Dress to be noticed20^ Dress to be noticed^ Granny Square Fall Leaves24^ Granny Square Fall Leaves^ Pineapple Log Cabin Amish Quilt24^ Pineapple Log Cabin Amish Quilt