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^ Yarn of many colors20^ Yarn of many colors^ Colorful Quilt25^ Colorful Quilt^ Handmade Craft24^ Handmade Craft^ Cross-stitch24^ Cross-stitch^ Solid colors Granny Squares afghan24^ Solid colors Granny Squares afghan^ Colorful Bargello wall hanging12^ Colorful Bargello wall hanging^ Granny Square Fall Leaves24^ Granny Square Fall Leaves^ Light Bright Quilt16^ Light Bright Quilt^ Embroidery floss stack25^ Embroidery floss stack^ Brazil Handicrafts28^ Brazil Handicrafts^ Bear Paw quilt using scraps by Jean Poulton20^ Bear Paw quilt using scraps by Jean Poulton^ Colorburst Coasters24^ Colorburst Coasters^ Columbian crafts18^ Columbian crafts^ Pinwheel quilt24^ Pinwheel quilt^ Homespun yarn rainbow25^ Homespun yarn rainbow^ Crochet Basket24^ Crochet Basket^ Quilt of bits and pieces24^ Quilt of bits and pieces^ Embroidery that's colorful20^ Embroidery that's colorful^ Swoon quilt24^ Swoon quilt^ Yarn25^ Yarn