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^ Maria Reyes-Jones art24^ Maria Reyes-Jones art^ Tulips and daffodils20^ Tulips and daffodils^ Butterfly on blue flower24^ Butterfly on blue flower^ Spring bouquet24^ Spring bouquet^ Full of Spring ~ Martha Kisling24^ Full of Spring ~ Martha Kisling^ Spring flowers24^ Spring flowers^ Container flowers at the entryway24^ Container flowers at the entryway^ Columbian naive art - Alejandro Pinzón20^ Columbian naive art - Alejandro Pinzón^ Colorful lupine flowers24^ Colorful lupine flowers^ Paper centerpiece watering can and flowers12^ Paper centerpiece watering can and flowers^ Tulips25^ Tulips^ Tulips15^ Tulips^ Spring Cat with Tulips ~ Sherry Shipley20^ Spring Cat with Tulips ~ Sherry Shipley^ Frolics ~ Riko25^ Frolics ~ Riko^ Autumn Heather24^ Autumn Heather^ Colorful paper flowers24^ Colorful paper flowers^ Carnation bouquet24^ Carnation bouquet^ Carnations24^ Carnations^ Whimsical Birds ~ Renie Britenbucher20^ Whimsical Birds ~ Renie Britenbucher^ Magellan Mix Zinnia16^ Magellan Mix Zinnia