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2452 puzzles tagged architecture

^ Netherlands, Voorst Guelders Mansion28^ Netherlands, Voorst Guelders Mansion^ Village, Axmouth East Devon England24^ Village, Axmouth East Devon England^ Morey Mansion in Redlands, California30^ Morey Mansion in Redlands, California^ Barker House, Edenton, North Carolina24^ Barker House, Edenton, North Carolina^ Farmhouse with wrap-around porch28^ Farmhouse with wrap-around porch^ Smock Mill, Herringfleet, England24^ Smock Mill, Herringfleet, England^ Battendorf Castle, Fox River Grove, Illinois20^ Battendorf Castle, Fox River Grove, Illinois^ Victorian red, white, blue30^ Victorian red, white, blue^ Little Hall, Lavenham, England18^ Little Hall, Lavenham, England^ London Townhouse6^ London Townhouse^ Home, Burano, Italy28^ Home, Burano, Italy^ Lytes Cary Manor, Somerset, England24^ Lytes Cary Manor, Somerset, England^ Gold Hill, Shaftesbury, Dorset, UK ~ Chris Leather Dorset Guid15^ Gold Hill, Shaftesbury, Dorset, UK ~ Chris Leather Dorset Guid^ Quito, Ecuador streetscene24^ Quito, Ecuador streetscene^ Blue door - Brittany, France24^ Blue door - Brittany, France^ William Ross Rust House, Tacoma,Washington24^ William Ross Rust House, Tacoma,Washington^ Wymondham Railway Station, England12^ Wymondham Railway Station, England^ Portsmouth, New Hampshire24^ Portsmouth, New Hampshire^ Colmar in Alsace, France24^ Colmar in Alsace, France^ Jamaican Rasta Snack Shop Watercolor ~ vhmckenzie28^ Jamaican Rasta Snack Shop Watercolor ~ vhmckenzie