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^ Shelly Comiskey artwork24^ Shelly Comiskey artwork^ Holiday equipment!!!30^ Holiday equipment!!!^ Home Sweet Home, art by J.C. Leyendecker12^ Home Sweet Home, art by J.C. Leyendecker^ Dog Fashion ~ Chris Roberts-Antieau24^ Dog Fashion ~ Chris Roberts-Antieau^ Suzanne Etienne ~ Stratford House9^ Suzanne Etienne ~ Stratford House^ Trevor Mitchell ~ Bobby's Beat24^ Trevor Mitchell ~ Bobby's Beat^ Spring farm scene24^ Spring farm scene^ Gyo Fujikawa scenery drawing16^ Gyo Fujikawa scenery drawing^ Christa Kieffer ~ Winter Dance15^ Christa Kieffer ~ Winter Dance^ Days Gone By30^ Days Gone By^ Fred Swan ~ Friends in Autumn32^ Fred Swan ~ Friends in Autumn^ Linda Mears ~ Country Road35^ Linda Mears ~ Country Road^ Debi Hubbs ~ Whimsical folk art farm animals35^ Debi Hubbs ~ Whimsical folk art farm animals^ Zurab Martiashvili art20^ Zurab Martiashvili art^ Bonnie White ~ Fishing for Dinner35^ Bonnie White ~ Fishing for Dinner^ Lowell Herrero - Aunt Sadie's Farm35^ Lowell Herrero - Aunt Sadie's Farm^ Spring gardening30^ Spring gardening^ Farm Life35^ Farm Life^ P. T. Paquin art24^ P. T. Paquin art^ Path to West Arbor35^ Path to West Arbor