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^ Orange Dahlia48^ Orange Dahlia^ The Swiss Alps, Switzerland48^ The Swiss Alps, Switzerland^ Basket with dried flowers48^ Basket with dried flowers^ Asters48^ Asters^ Celosia with grasses and berries in vases49^ Celosia with grasses and berries in vases^ Lavender bundles wrapped in burlap48^ Lavender bundles wrapped in burlap^ Single red rose48^ Single red rose^ Yellow tulips48^ Yellow tulips^ Dried wheat arrangement42^ Dried wheat arrangement^ Rhododendron Bench48^ Rhododendron Bench^ Flowers of Nantucket48^ Flowers of Nantucket^ Fall flowers in sisal twine vase49^ Fall flowers in sisal twine vaseRed, white, blue and yellow in the Spring48Red, white, blue and yellow in the Spring^ Gold hued zinnias48^ Gold hued zinnias^ Dried lavender bunches49^ Dried lavender bunches^ Pink tulips, bleeding heart49^ Pink tulips, bleeding heart^ Fiery Country Basket49^ Fiery Country Basket^ Anthurium of Hawaii48^ Anthurium of Hawaii^ Iris and carnation in vase48^ Iris and carnation in vase^ White Lily40^ White Lily