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^ Quebec City, Canada20^ Quebec City, Canada^ Cute clown25^ Cute clown^ Pumpkin Picking at Percy’s Patch ~ Medana Gabbard24^ Pumpkin Picking at Percy’s Patch ~ Medana Gabbard^ Pumpernickel Loaf, Spinach Dip12^ Pumpernickel Loaf, Spinach Dip^ Quilt colors12^ Quilt colors^ Halloween crayons24^ Halloween crayons^ Apple dumpling pie12^ Apple dumpling pie^ Christmas Santa's Sleigh20^ Christmas Santa's Sleigh^ Red Bean Chili6^ Red Bean Chili^ Wild rose and Peacock butterfly16^ Wild rose and Peacock butterfly^ Poppies24^ Poppies^ Pencils and erasers24^ Pencils and erasers^ Pastel Mint Dessert24^ Pastel Mint Dessert^ Potions in Motion ~ Debbie Criswell24^ Potions in Motion ~ Debbie Criswell^ Pork chops, hash browns and scrambled eggs30^ Pork chops, hash browns and scrambled eggs^ Panda cub in box16^ Panda cub in box^ Princelet Street, London, England6^ Princelet Street, London, England^ Pinecones in pots30^ Pinecones in pots^ Pizza rolls6^ Pizza rolls^ Plano Balloon Festival - Plano, Texas12^ Plano Balloon Festival - Plano, Texas