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^ Street art graffiti28^ Street art graffiti^ Sunset20^ Sunset^ A Night for Treats ~ Mary Charles24^ A Night for Treats ~ Mary Charles^ Hydrangea pink bud24^ Hydrangea pink bud^ Huge breakfast sandwich24^ Huge breakfast sandwich^ Large kitchen island with seating24^ Large kitchen island with seating^ Kettle cooking over open flame12^ Kettle cooking over open flame^ Legend of Sleepy Hollow ~ Susan Henke4^ Legend of Sleepy Hollow ~ Susan Henke^ Kiahuna Plantation, Kauai15^ Kiahuna Plantation, Kauai^ Hummingbird Cake12^ Hummingbird Cake^ Stacked double cheeseburger25^ Stacked double cheeseburger^ Red house in Summer ~ H Eaton30^ Red house in Summer ~ H Eaton^ Utrecht, Netherlands28^ Utrecht, Netherlands^ Spider Mum24^ Spider Mum^ Alert kittens24^ Alert kittens^ Front entry24^ Front entry^ Trick or Treat ~ Debbie Criswell20^ Trick or Treat ~ Debbie Criswell^ Spinach Wraps20^ Spinach Wraps^ Repurposed wood garden shelf12^ Repurposed wood garden shelf^ Radishes at the market12^ Radishes at the market