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^ Easter tablesetting24^ Easter tablesetting^ Caprese sandwich35^ Caprese sandwich^ Easter eggs and Hyacinths in pitcher30^ Easter eggs and Hyacinths in pitcher^ Canyon Sunrise ~ Harriet Peck Taylor35^ Canyon Sunrise ~ Harriet Peck Taylor^ Apple pie28^ Apple pie^ Castle Combe village, England35^ Castle Combe village, England^ Spring daffodils, daisies enamel pot24^ Spring daffodils, daisies enamel pot^ St. Patrick's Day Jello Salad25^ St. Patrick's Day Jello Salad^ Channel ~ Tennessee Walker28^ Channel ~ Tennessee Walker^ Alpine Cheese Fondue15^ Alpine Cheese Fondue^ Peanut Brittle candy24^ Peanut Brittle candy^ Pastures ~ Karla Gerard35^ Pastures ~ Karla Gerard^ Dog with an Incredibly Human Face24^ Dog with an Incredibly Human Face^ Pink Carnation15^ Pink Carnation^ Pinata balloons for the pool24^ Pinata balloons for the pool^ Pickled32^ Pickled^ Porcupine shaped tiny house12^ Porcupine shaped tiny house^ Oxalis18^ Oxalis^ Pooh's birthday24^ Pooh's birthday^ Pizza bread bowl15^ Pizza bread bowl