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^ Peeking over the fence12^ Peeking over the fence^ Fall table on the porch24^ Fall table on the porch^ Steak Fajitas20^ Steak Fajitas^ She's a Fine Boat ~ Ron Hazell15^ She's a Fine Boat ~ Ron Hazell^ Squares15^ Squares^ Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, asparagus15^ Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, asparagus^ Fruits and flowers in the centerpiece12^ Fruits and flowers in the centerpiece^ Shipston on Stour England24^ Shipston on Stour England^ Shag area rug16^ Shag area rug^ Neapolitan-style pizza in Naples, Italy12^ Neapolitan-style pizza in Naples, Italy^ London, England28^ London, England^ Caramel apple cookies30^ Caramel apple cookies^ Christmas cottage30^ Christmas cottage^ Autumn Harvest35^ Autumn Harvest^ Abstract Garden of Eden24^ Abstract Garden of Eden^ Ice Cream Sandwiches24^ Ice Cream Sandwiches^ Fresh fruits20^ Fresh fruits^ Falafel sandwich with peppers, onion & eggplant6^ Falafel sandwich with peppers, onion & eggplant^ City flower spot20^ City flower spot^ Fall decoration6^ Fall decoration