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^ Rainbow Roses24^ Rainbow Roses^ Polka Dot Cups and Saucers24^ Polka Dot Cups and Saucers^ Pirate Hideout by dashinvaine24^ Pirate Hideout by dashinvaine^ Chaumont Sur Loire France24^ Chaumont Sur Loire France^ Pops Soda Fountain24^ Pops Soda Fountain^ Pizza25^ Pizza^ Protea24^ Protea^ Roasted Rack of Pork24^ Roasted Rack of Pork^ Pinyon with pine nuts in cone12^ Pinyon with pine nuts in cone^ Fall Showers Under Umbrella20^ Fall Showers Under Umbrella^ Drumstick dessert15^ Drumstick dessert^ Rose Covered Door French Cottage24^ Rose Covered Door French Cottage^ Resting Exotic Shorthair24^ Resting Exotic Shorthair^ Rialto Bridge, Venice ~ Mel Wolf24^ Rialto Bridge, Venice ~ Mel Wolf^ Regular fries, bacon, cheddar jack cheese, sour cream, green o24^ Regular fries, bacon, cheddar jack cheese, sour cream, green o^ Street in Cartagena, Columbia24^ Street in Cartagena, Columbia^ Sangria20^ Sangria^ Sunflower Bouquet24^ Sunflower Bouquet^ Sunday Afternoon ~ Gordon Barker24^ Sunday Afternoon ~ Gordon Barker^ Stuffed celery12^ Stuffed celery