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^ One Fish, Two Fish quilt by Jane Taylor25^ One Fish, Two Fish quilt by Jane Taylor^ Paleo pumpkin pie15^ Paleo pumpkin pie^ Black barn with a red roof15^ Black barn with a red roof^ Birds12^ Birds^ Berry Pavlova24^ Berry Pavlova^ London24^ London^ Colorful paper flowers24^ Colorful paper flowers^ Surprise cat24^ Surprise cat^ Casas da Costa Nova ~ Pincededali24^ Casas da Costa Nova ~ Pincededali^ I wish you a Merry Christmas24^ I wish you a Merry Christmas^ Castle Combe ~ Mike Jackson24^ Castle Combe ~ Mike Jackson^ Buttermilk Chess Pie24^ Buttermilk Chess Pie^ Funnel cake24^ Funnel cake^ Vintage Office24^ Vintage Office^ Carnation bouquet24^ Carnation bouquet^ Castle of La Vigne France24^ Castle of La Vigne France^ Cape Landscape ~ Isabel le Roux25^ Cape Landscape ~ Isabel le Roux^ Canape21^ Canape^ Newborn baby in Christmas stocking18^ Newborn baby in Christmas stocking^ Christmas Star24^ Christmas Star