I have enjoyed everyone’s puzzles for years and hope to continue doing so. You can always customize the number and shape of the pieces. Have fun everyone.


300zx (24580)
food (5267)
colorful (4528)
house (4515)
colors (4273)
home (4148)
flowers (4092)
art (3969)
color (3937)
architecture (2641)

Ostatnie puzzle

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^ Pinwheels for sale in Hong Kong20^ Pinwheels for sale in Hong Kong^ Is this you Tony in the Cotswolds, England25^ Is this you Tony in the Cotswolds, England^ Chocolate Meringue Pie24^ Chocolate Meringue Pie^ Buffet20^ Buffet^ Castle Combe, Wiltshire ~ Ian Ramsay24^ Castle Combe, Wiltshire ~ Ian Ramsay^ Chocolate Cake30^ Chocolate Cake^ Hand stitched hearts24^ Hand stitched hearts^ Helen Rietz art28^ Helen Rietz art^ Hasselback Potato Gratin12^ Hasselback Potato Gratin^ Green Charger Plates12^ Green Charger Plates

Ostatnie albumy

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AlbumCoverFlowers IIAlbumCoverAnimals IIAlbumCoverMisc. IIAlbumCoverScenic IIAlbumCoverArt IIAlbumCoverSeasons, Holidays, Special Occasions IIAlbumCoverColors IIAlbumCoverFood IIAlbumCoverPeople IIAlbumCoverBoats, Cars, Trains, Planes, etc. II