I enjoy finding and creating a diversity of puzzles and usually include a sampling of different subjects daily so that there are puzzles for everyone: scenic; seasons-holidays-special occasions, people, art, animals, flowers, food, colors, boats-cars-planes, etc. & misc. I hope you find a few to play. Since Jigsaw does not publish all puzzles submitted, look through the folders to see them all. And remember you can always customize the number and shape of the pieces.


300zx 21764×
food 4415×
house 4066×
colorful 4024×
colors 3775×
home 3710×
flowers 3530×
color 3440×
art 3279×
architecture 2516×

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^ Loaded Baked Potato Soup28^ Loaded Baked Potato Soup^ The Best Friend ~ Maria Ruiz30^ The Best Friend ~ Maria Ruiz^ Did you say something16^ Did you say something^ Macarons6^ Macarons^ Milkshakes21^ Milkshakes^ Mexican tablesetting24^ Mexican tablesetting^ Field House, near Ablington, Gloucestershire, UK35^ Field House, near Ablington, Gloucestershire, UK^ Winter landscape with skaters ~ Hendrick Avercamp15^ Winter landscape with skaters ~ Hendrick Avercamp^ Dobostorte - Prinzregententorte12^ Dobostorte - Prinzregententorte^ Far Side Chicken Cartoon20^ Far Side Chicken Cartoon

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