I have enjoyed everyone’s puzzles for years and hope to continue doing so. You can always customize the number and shape of the pieces. Have fun everyone.


300zx (24094)
food (5115)
colorful (4457)
house (4438)
colors (4202)
home (4076)
flowers (4041)
color (3866)
art (3816)
architecture (2622)

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^ Fuller Days35^ Fuller Days^ Kingfisher with catch35^ Kingfisher with catch^ Jack-O-Lantern36^ Jack-O-Lantern^ Self-Made Millionaire NOT ~ © Steve Breen-The San Diego Union-30^ Self-Made Millionaire NOT ~ © Steve Breen-The San Diego Union-^ Mini Mason Jar Mugs35^ Mini Mason Jar Mugs^ Two beauties18^ Two beauties^ Red Dahlia35^ Red Dahlia^ Field of Poppies ~ Gail Bartel35^ Field of Poppies ~ Gail Bartel^ Resplendent quetzal - male28^ Resplendent quetzal - male^ Supreme Court ~ © Gary Varvel-garyvarvel35^ Supreme Court ~ © Gary Varvel-garyvarvel

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AlbumCoverFlowers IIAlbumCoverAnimals IIAlbumCoverMisc. IIAlbumCoverScenic IIAlbumCoverArt IIAlbumCoverSeasons, Holidays, Special Occasions IIAlbumCoverColors IIAlbumCoverFood IIAlbumCoverPeople IIAlbumCoverBoats, Cars, Trains, Planes, etc. II