I have enjoyed everyone’s puzzles for years and hope to continue doing so. You can always customize the number and shape of the pieces. Have fun everyone.


300zx (24405)
food (5201)
colorful (4502)
house (4486)
colors (4247)
home (4119)
flowers (4079)
art (3923)
color (3911)
architecture (2634)

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^ Christmas house outdoor decorations24^ Christmas house outdoor decorations^ Lucie Bilodeau art30^ Lucie Bilodeau art^ Chicken Pot Pie Individual - ©2014 Carin Krasner24^ Chicken Pot Pie Individual - ©2014 Carin Krasner^ Victorian Green ~ Ray Cresswell30^ Victorian Green ~ Ray Cresswell^ Raspberry Cake Bars20^ Raspberry Cake Bars^ Christmas - Max24^ Christmas - Max^ Rainbow painted clay pots9^ Rainbow painted clay pots^ Jukebox15^ Jukebox^ Christmas tree6^ Christmas tree^ They love me15^ They love me

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