I have enjoyed everyone’s puzzles for years and hope to continue doing so. I will only play one puzzle daily of anyone who submits more than 40 puzzles daily. This seems to be something that bothers everyone to have so many contributors “flood” the system with too many submissions on a daily basis. And remember you can always customize the number and shape of the pieces. When a puzzle is over 35 pieces, I always lower the number to what I like.

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300zx 23695×
food 5011×
colorful 4398×
house 4368×
colors 4146×
home 4008×
flowers 3957×
color 3810×
art 3700×
architecture 2606×

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^ Dogon village of Bandiagara, Mali - © Quick Shot-Shutterstock28^ Dogon village of Bandiagara, Mali - © Quick Shot-Shutterstock^ Carrot cake slice24^ Carrot cake slice^ Kitschy chairs for the patio24^ Kitschy chairs for the patio^ Bougainvillea in clay pot16^ Bougainvillea in clay pot^ Popcorn Party ~ Linda Picken24^ Popcorn Party ~ Linda Picken^ Butterflies on flowers18^ Butterflies on flowers^ Cactus Pillows24^ Cactus Pillows^ Melons24^ Melons^ Peacocks nesting for the night24^ Peacocks nesting for the night^ Blond girl ~ Edward Runci ~ 1zoom.me25^ Blond girl ~ Edward Runci ~ 1zoom.me

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