I have enjoyed everyone’s puzzles for years and hope to continue doing so. You can always customize the number and shape of the pieces. Have fun everyone.

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300zx (24128)
food (5122)
colorful (4460)
house (4441)
colors (4205)
home (4079)
flowers (4049)
color (3869)
art (3828)
architecture (2623)

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^ Inspecting the fir branches28^ Inspecting the fir branches^ Sketchers35^ Sketchers^ Toasted pumpkin seed brittle30^ Toasted pumpkin seed brittle^ Cotswolds village of Snowshill - F P Photography35^ Cotswolds village of Snowshill - F P Photography^ Primitive Star Quilt24^ Primitive Star Quilt^ Pumpkins35^ Pumpkins^ Summer Tree35^ Summer Tree^ Fred's Shed ~ Ray Cresswell30^ Fred's Shed ~ Ray Cresswell^ Up and over28^ Up and over^ Stuffed shells35^ Stuffed shells

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AlbumCoverFlowers IIAlbumCoverAnimals IIAlbumCoverMisc. IIAlbumCoverScenic IIAlbumCoverArt IIAlbumCoverSeasons, Holidays, Special Occasions IIAlbumCoverColors IIAlbumCoverFood IIAlbumCoverPeople IIAlbumCoverBoats, Cars, Trains, Planes, etc. II