^ Pear salad24^ Pear salad^ Oven-roasted breakfast potatoes24^ Oven-roasted breakfast potatoes^ Pumpkin Mousse Profiteroles24^ Pumpkin Mousse Profiteroles^ Harvest punch24^ Harvest punch^ Butternut Queso - Jennifer Causey24^ Butternut Queso - Jennifer Causey^ Blackberry Pie slice24^ Blackberry Pie slice^ Lemon Meringue Pie24^ Lemon Meringue Pie^ Shrimp Tacos With Pickled Onions24^ Shrimp Tacos With Pickled Onions^ Strawberry picking time24^ Strawberry picking time^ Chicken Pot Pie24^ Chicken Pot Pie^ Rainbow colors birthday cake, candles, flame24^ Rainbow colors birthday cake, candles, flame^ Plum tart15^ Plum tart^ Shrimp Fire24^ Shrimp Fire^ Mexican Hot Chocolate24^ Mexican Hot Chocolate^ Breakfast in bed24^ Breakfast in bed^ Sweet Potato Biscuits25^ Sweet Potato Biscuits^ Fish and Chips for lunch25^ Fish and Chips for lunch^ Fast food Hamburgers Vegetables Fire Two24^ Fast food Hamburgers Vegetables Fire Two^ Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Asparagus24^ Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Asparagus^ Pie20^ Pie