^ Pastries30^ Pastries^ Hot dogs and fries24^ Hot dogs and fries^ Halloween candy6^ Halloween candy^ Pumpkin Parfait15^ Pumpkin Parfait^ Huge breakfast sandwich24^ Huge breakfast sandwich^ Kettle cooking over open flame12^ Kettle cooking over open flame^ Hummingbird Cake12^ Hummingbird Cake^ Stacked double cheeseburger25^ Stacked double cheeseburger^ Spinach Wraps20^ Spinach Wraps^ Radishes at the market12^ Radishes at the market^ Mango Cake Dessert12^ Mango Cake Dessert^ Picky eater lunch plate12^ Picky eater lunch plate^ Subway sandwich platter15^ Subway sandwich platter^ Spagetti and meatball bites24^ Spagetti and meatball bites^ Strawberry shortcake24^ Strawberry shortcake^ Sprinkles24^ Sprinkles^ Pumpernickel Loaf, Spinach Dip12^ Pumpernickel Loaf, Spinach Dip^ Apple dumpling pie12^ Apple dumpling pie^ Red Bean Chili6^ Red Bean Chili^ Pastel Mint Dessert24^ Pastel Mint Dessert