I'm Leni. I love jigsaw puzzles!


potw 61×
food 30×
dessert 24×
colourful 16×
cake 13×
australia 11×
flowers 11×

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Summer in sydney42Summer in sydneyYour summer, my winter180Your summer, my winterI'm so rich my flowers wear jewellery165I'm so rich my flowers wear jewelleryBarbecued haloumi kebabs96Barbecued haloumi kebabsAussie camel burger60Aussie camel burgerA shrimp on the barbie150A shrimp on the barbieare you out there Rookwings?48are you out there Rookwings?Alternative space168Alternative spaceWho made that space? (hayden lott)35Who made that space? (hayden lott)bayeux tapestry tells a story60bayeux tapestry tells a story

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