Sharing a fencepost & food84Sharing a fencepost & foodBugle call84Bugle callJust bit of snack84Just bit of snackNice catch!77Nice catch!Here's looking at you!!77Here's looking at you!!Kingfisher77KingfisherResting at a long dayBridgephotography00484Resting at a long dayBridgephotography004Three Sisters, WA84Three Sisters, WAReturn of life80Return of lifeReflections77ReflectionsRed moon rising, WA90Red moon rising, WARawah Lake No. 4, CO80Rawah Lake No. 4, CORawah Lake No. 3, CO80Rawah Lake No. 3, COMt Ranier snow77Mt Ranier snowWinter floating trip77Winter floating tripFriends??80Friends??Winter sunset88Winter sunset'Hot Poker"70'Hot Poker"Skagit Valley, WA77Skagit Valley, WAGrand Canyon winter80Grand Canyon winter