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Clovelly, England70Clovelly, EnglandComing into port60Coming into portTree microsystem108Tree microsystemThe power of water48The power of waterRough legged hawk70Rough legged hawkIcicle Creek120Icicle CreekSnow geese landing99Snow geese landingSand bars at confluence of Ark.& Fountain50Sand bars at confluence of Ark.& FountainRain drop reflection60Rain drop reflectionNesting hummingbird117Nesting hummingbirdMajestic visitor:Lake Pueblo70Majestic visitor:Lake PuebloGrande Canale, Venice54Grande Canale, VeniceCatherals in Milan50Catherals in MilanBridge of Sighs, Venice63Bridge of Sighs, VeniceLake Pueblo visitor63Lake Pueblo visitorInterior:First Congregational:Bellevue54Interior:First Congregational:BellevueInterior of Bishop's Castle77Interior of Bishop's CastleHartsel, Co.91Hartsel, Co.Grazing in a field of water63Grazing in a field of waterFluffed up on icy tree63Fluffed up on icy tree