MOUNT RAINIER CASTING A SHADOW ON CLOUDS54MOUNT RAINIER CASTING A SHADOW ON CLOUDSDEATH BEGETS LIFE54DEATH BEGETS LIFEA CLOUD ILLUMINATED BY LIGHTNING54A CLOUD ILLUMINATED BY LIGHTNINGJust for fun54Just for funColumbine Ouray Co;orado48Columbine Ouray Co;oradoColo state flower Columbine48Colo state flower ColumbineRainer: a different view70Rainer: a different viewColorado Springs48Colorado SpringsLake Tahoe49Lake TahoeGarden of the Gods, CO50Garden of the Gods, COAt the end of the road63At the end of the roadOutside Westcliff CO70Outside Westcliff COTeller County, CO, 4/28/1570Teller County, CO, 4/28/15After the Blood Moon60After the Blood MoonBlood moon over Colorado49Blood moon over ColoradoNorthern lights from space60Northern lights from spaceBest picture ever taken of Mercury49Best picture ever taken of MercuryGiant statue of Ghengis Kahn, Mongolia48Giant statue of Ghengis Kahn, MongoliaBavarian town of Nordlingen built in a 14 million year old meteo54Bavarian town of Nordlingen built in a 14 million year old meteoTerminal point  of the Great Wall60Terminal point of the Great Wall