almost 62, feeling 32 with a liver transplant! Love setting puzzles! This site is like going to a different art museum every day! Nebraska tomboy.


art 1539×
woman 349×
painting 285×
design 279×
modern 240×
colorful 235×
contemporary 209×
indian 197×
fantasy 189×
textile 165×

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Cello susanne clark56Cello susanne clarkBlunder60BlunderBox set70Box set'Color Rising, Contemporary Hose Painting' by Laurie Pace70'Color Rising, Contemporary Hose Painting' by Laurie PaceEarthShip+Tie+Dye+and+Fiber+Arts90EarthShip+Tie+Dye+and+Fiber+ArtsArt doll -LuLu Lancaster90Art doll -LuLu LancasterAbstract art mirzza 201288Abstract art mirzza 2012Ageratum56AgeratumCollaborative circle weaving-each student adds theirs80Collaborative circle weaving-each student adds theirsBeadwork of nancy Smelter63Beadwork of nancy Smelter

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