children's tales 667×
lore 597×
fables 596×
art 499×
space 297×
sci fi 235×
bunny 211×
fairies 209×
nasa 176×
elves 156×
bunnies 145×
bird 99×
alice 81×
fox 80×
birds 80×
dragon 78×
people 71×
bear 67×
alice in wonderland 61×
woman 54×

667 puzzles tagged "children's tales"

John Bauer, The Princess and the Trolls120John Bauer, The Princess and the TrollsArabian Nights120Arabian NightsAnna and Elena Balbusso, Father Christmas117Anna and Elena Balbusso, Father ChristmasMargaret Tarrant, Jack Frost120Margaret Tarrant, Jack FrostRoot Cellar Books, Larry McDougal120Root Cellar Books, Larry McDougalJack Frost,  Oliver Herford 1926120Jack Frost, Oliver Herford 1926Nutcracker, Maurice Sendak 58120Nutcracker, Maurice Sendak 58Nutcracker, Maurice Sendak 23120Nutcracker, Maurice Sendak 23Nutcracker, Maurice Sendak 21117Nutcracker, Maurice Sendak 21Alice2 Rene Cloke120Alice2 Rene ClokeRene Cloke, Alice in Wonderland120Rene Cloke, Alice in WonderlandThe White Rabbit, Andrea D’Aquino120The White Rabbit, Andrea D’AquinoGennady Spirin - Goldilocks and the Three Bears 1120Gennady Spirin - Goldilocks and the Three Bears 1Charlotte Gastaut, The Firebird 2120Charlotte Gastaut, The Firebird 2Charlotte Gastaut, The Firebird120Charlotte Gastaut, The FirebirdCharlotte Gastaut, Donkey Skin 2120Charlotte Gastaut, Donkey Skin 2Charlotte Gastaut, Donkey Skin120Charlotte Gastaut, Donkey SkinBilly Popgun, Milo Winter117Billy Popgun, Milo WinterMilo Winter, Alice In Wonderland120Milo Winter, Alice In WonderlandLizbeth Zwerger, Alice in Wonderland120Lizbeth Zwerger, Alice in Wonderland