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89 puzzles tagged art
~ Artistic Flare25~ Artistic Flare~ Soree Cottage25~ Soree Cottage~ Carmen25~ Carmen~ Given to delighting in colors30~ Given to delighting in colors~ Easter Kitten12~ Easter Kitten~ Pretty day for play16~ Pretty day for play~ Patchwork Blanket25~ Patchwork Blanket~ The Tree20~ The TreeSymmetries and color patterns picture25Symmetries and color patterns pictureCroation Egg Paintings25Croation Egg Paintings~ Cats in the Cradle25~ Cats in the CradleBlocks with dots25Blocks with dotsLook left4Look leftConnected Rainbows25Connected RainbowsPainting of Dreams25Painting of DreamsPaint in Color25Paint in Colorcaprariucarmen25caprariucarmenWhim Away30Whim AwayZentangle Art25Zentangle ArtPippins25Pippins