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color 246×
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rainbow 192×
collage 133×
abstract 115×
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beautiful 90×
fantasy 88×
pretty 87×
art 86×
folk 85×
animals 78×
fractal 69×
flowers 60×
cat 59×
cute 55×
food 47×
house 47×

44 puzzles tagged painting

France25FranceSafari Sunset25Safari SunsetPainted Pots30Painted PotsOffset Summer20Offset SummerOwl Art20Owl ArtThose Were the Days25Those Were the DaysArt for the Ages25Art for the AgesMushroom Mania16Mushroom ManiaEncaustic Art Paint25Encaustic Art PaintWishes36WishesRainbow Room Drinks25Rainbow Room DrinksGatos16GatosOwlets and Blooms20Owlets and BloomsChromatic Butterfly20Chromatic ButterflyFloral Quilting Fabric16Floral Quilting FabricDigital Domains25Digital DomainsNight Painting of the Day16Night Painting of the DayBy the Sea25By the SeaNight Owl16Night OwlSimply Fly Away25Simply Fly Away