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174 puzzles tagged janice

Bubble Art16Bubble ArtYou wearing that today?4You wearing that today?Krugovi25KrugoviTwizzle Twists25Twizzle TwistsWaldorf Rainbow Hen Eggs16Waldorf Rainbow Hen EggsOreo Rainbow20Oreo RainbowA view from the top16A view from the topFloribus Sentiuntur16Floribus SentiunturAbstract Unplugged25Abstract UnpluggedKitten Kiss4Kitten KissEmbossed Divisions25Embossed DivisionsBraving the storm25Braving the stormEinladende Tür20Einladende TürCaricature of a cat4Caricature of a catSatin Trim20Satin TrimIt's so fluffy4It's so fluffyAutumn Harvesting Painting25Autumn Harvesting PaintingMean Gene4Mean GeneFabby Rainbow Colours4Fabby Rainbow ColoursRoses of Piccardy Cake25Roses of Piccardy Cake