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275 puzzles tagged janice

Greeting the Morning6Greeting the MorningCouch of many colors25Couch of many colorsFamily Time4Family TimeQuebec City25Quebec CityCamera Curious4Camera CuriousColor Harmonies25Color HarmoniesA little of this, a little of that20A little of this, a little of thatNo Knit Picking25No Knit PickingSpherical Colors16Spherical ColorsFlared25FlaredBeyond the Gate25Beyond the GateHand Painted16Hand PaintedAlong the Way30Along the WayTufted Flower16Tufted FlowerOkay, I'm listening.4Okay, I'm listening.Just call me the gardner6Just call me the gardnerWhat are you?4What are you?Imagine30ImagineBe happy to shred tie for you4Be happy to shred tie for youThe Getaway Landscape30The Getaway Landscape