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249 puzzles tagged janice

Schöne schwarze Katze4Schöne schwarze KatzeNo Knit Picking25No Knit PickingSpherical Colors16Spherical ColorsFlared25FlaredBeyond the Gate25Beyond the GateHand Painted16Hand PaintedAlong the Way30Along the WayTufted Flower16Tufted FlowerOkay, I'm listening.4Okay, I'm listening.Just call me the gardner6Just call me the gardnerWhat are you?4What are you?Imagine30ImagineBe happy to shred tie for you4Be happy to shred tie for youThe Getaway Landscape30The Getaway Landscape11 of the brightest2511 of the brightestFarm Life30Farm LifeI saved a human today12I saved a human todayStrategic Items25Strategic ItemsCakes we Bake30Cakes we BakeCloth Covered Buttons25Cloth Covered Buttons