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38 puzzles tagged cute

A clown in every crowd4A clown in every crowdLet them be little4Let them be littleStill waitin' for dinner here4Still waitin' for dinner hereTo him it's a beautiful flower4To him it's a beautiful flowerAuctioning off the dog4Auctioning off the dogThe Introduction4The IntroductionYou can have your cake and eat it, too4You can have your cake and eat it, tooEaster Peeps30Easter PeepsAvid Bird Watchers4Avid Bird WatchersYou alseep?4You alseep?Milk it's what's for lunch4Milk it's what's for lunchThe  Kiss4The KissWatching you watching me4Watching you watching meWaiting for Breakfast in Bed20Waiting for Breakfast in BedOh, did I eat your dinner?4Oh, did I eat your dinner?Cat and Mouse Caricatures20Cat and Mouse CaricaturesLadies love pilots4Ladies love pilotsRolling Along25Rolling AlongPurrfect Sleep4Purrfect SleepFriend or Foe?4Friend or Foe?