300 396×
abstract 373×
color 265×
colorful 257×
fantasy 178×
animals 164×
rainbow 150×
folk 124×
cat 118×
collage 107×
house 68×
flowers 66×
art 64×
fractal 58×
food 55×
architecture 50×
cute 48×
landscape 46×
painting 36×
cottage 30×

257 puzzles tagged colorful

Music creates audible colors20Music creates audible colorsHedron House25Hedron HouseFelted Hearts25Felted HeartsAcrobatic Eggs25Acrobatic EggsEggcellence4EggcellenceSilly Shroom4Silly ShroomRainbow Neon Quilt25Rainbow Neon QuiltGone to See4Gone to SeeTraditional Windmill25Traditional WindmillRadashay Quilt25Radashay QuiltStriped Spheres25Striped Spheres~ Moscow’s Wooden Palace of Mikhallovich!25~ Moscow’s Wooden Palace of Mikhallovich!~ Sweets25~ Sweets~ Puffy Trees25~ Puffy Trees~ Sorbian Easter Eggs20~ Sorbian Easter EggsArt Pencils25Art Pencils~ Means to the end24~ Means to the end~ Bath Towels original edit by tulsa703525~ Bath Towels original edit by tulsa7035~ Easter Eggs16~ Easter Eggs~ Points of Creativity25~ Points of Creativity