300 402×
abstract 378×
color 272×
colorful 262×
fantasy 182×
animals 167×
rainbow 149×
folk 124×
cat 121×
collage 112×
house 70×
flowers 69×
art 64×
fractal 57×
food 53×
architecture 51×
cute 50×
landscape 46×
painting 38×
cottage 32×

262 puzzles tagged colorful

4th of July cookies164th of July cookiesPatriotic Kittens9Patriotic Kittens4th of July Celebration164th of July CelebrationEasy One4Easy OneDown the Rainbow Road Painting25Down the Rainbow Road PaintingDon't forget to pickup the flowers16Don't forget to pickup the flowersAmerican Patriotic House25American Patriotic HouseBrochet Bloom9Brochet BloomLet the Good Times Roll4Let the Good Times RollPainting of a Porch25Painting of a PorchFrisbee Summer Fun6Frisbee Summer FunEnjoying the summer evening4Enjoying the summer eveningGourmet Cupcakes25Gourmet CupcakesNoteable Music25Noteable MusicWine Bottle Painting16Wine Bottle PaintingDog's best friend wish4Dog's best friend wishCube-icles20Cube-iclesKing Ludwig's Neuschwanstein Painting in Bavaria, Germany16King Ludwig's Neuschwanstein Painting in Bavaria, GermanyZig Zag Fabric25Zig Zag FabricCorner Zone25Corner Zone