300 386×
abstract 345×
color 292×
colorful 284×
fantasy 179×
rainbow 171×
animals 110×
folk 106×
fractal 86×
collage 82×

292 puzzles tagged color

Rows of...25Rows of...Adoremat25AdorematJar Candles25Jar CandlesSquiggles Cake30Squiggles CakeDyed Jade25Dyed JadeElliptical25EllipticalShafts of Rainbow Light30Shafts of Rainbow LightFractal Bird of Paradise25Fractal Bird of ParadiseKnight Tour Tessellations25Knight Tour TessellationsSky Lanterns25Sky LanternsStars of the game16Stars of the gameGarden Cake25Garden CakePaper Fans25Paper FansWind Waifs25Wind WaifsCandyland Cottage25Candyland CottageBehind the Music25Behind the MusicReversal25ReversalWhile the Willow gently sways25While the Willow gently swaysSpecial Day Cake25Special Day CakeColors that sell25Colors that sell