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192 puzzles tagged color

Bellamy Balloons25Bellamy BalloonsPuffy Trees25Puffy TreesBlue, but not sad4Blue, but not sadWe can see 2 million colors36We can see 2 million colorsMyterious Material25Myterious Material~ Rainbow Cheesecake Sqiares16~ Rainbow Cheesecake SqiaresCanvas Cakes30Canvas CakesGlasperlen30GlasperlenSweets30SweetsNotions30NotionsArtistic Flare25Artistic FlareFestival of Colors20Festival of ColorsFelted Hearts25Felted HeartsWatching you watching me4Watching you watching meGame of Pick-up Sticks30Game of Pick-up SticksCandies25CandiesRaining Rainbows36Raining RainbowsWaiting for Breakfast in Bed12Waiting for Breakfast in BedWe have colors to adore16We have colors to adoreWishing for a rainbow25Wishing for a rainbow