300 392×
abstract 365×
color 295×
colorful 286×
fantasy 193×
rainbow 176×
folk 136×
animals 133×
collage 105×
cat 96×

295 puzzles tagged color

~ Moscow’s Wooden Palace of Mikhallovich!25~ Moscow’s Wooden Palace of Mikhallovich!~ Sweets25~ Sweets~ Puffy Trees25~ Puffy Trees~ Sorbian Easter Eggs20~ Sorbian Easter EggsArt Pencils25Art Pencils~ Means to the end24~ Means to the end~ Bath Towels original edit by tulsa703525~ Bath Towels original edit by tulsa7035~ Easter Peeps25~ Easter Peeps~ Easter Eggs16~ Easter Eggs~ Points of Creativity25~ Points of Creativity~ Convincing Colours25~ Convincing Colours~ Essex House Cottage25~ Essex House CottageArtistic Flare original edit by tulsa703525Artistic Flare original edit by tulsa7035~ Tree Art25~ Tree Art~ Rainbow Swiss Roll25~ Rainbow Swiss RollPlastic Eggs25Plastic Eggs~ Patchwork Blanket25~ Patchwork BlanketSymmetries and color patterns picture25Symmetries and color patterns pictureNeon Eggs25Neon Eggs~ In Sync25~ In Sync