300 396×
abstract 369×
color 285×
colorful 276×
fantasy 181×
rainbow 160×
animals 150×
folk 139×
collage 123×
cat 107×
house 72×
art 67×
flowers 66×
fractal 64×
architecture 55×
food 50×
landscape 49×
painting 33×
cottage 32×
cute 32×

67 puzzles tagged art

Hoffman House Painting25Hoffman House PaintingReverberations25ReverberationsGetaway Painting25Getaway PaintingVisions Painting25Visions Painting~ The Tree4~ The TreeMinnie in the Mist6Minnie in the MistMauve Purple Rose by tulsa703525Mauve Purple Rose by tulsa7035Fountain of truth25Fountain of truthSomething tells me it's spring25Something tells me it's spring3d Abstract Composition Cubes253d Abstract Composition CubesSpring has sprung20Spring has sprungAcrobatic Eggs25Acrobatic EggsDigital Prismacolor25Digital Prismacolor~ Puffy Trees25~ Puffy TreesArt Pencils25Art PencilsArtistic Flare original edit by tulsa703525Artistic Flare original edit by tulsa7035~ Patchwork Blanket25~ Patchwork BlanketSymmetries and color patterns picture25Symmetries and color patterns picture~ Cats in the Cradle25~ Cats in the CradleBlocks with dots25Blocks with dots