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color 162×
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rainbow 134×
collage 125×
beautiful 89×
pretty 86×
animals 63×
abstract 60×
cute 48×
art 47×
cat 43×
blue 41×
fantasy 41×
food 40×
fractal 35×
flowers 35×
folk 34×
house 29×

47 puzzles tagged art

~ Somewhere else25~ Somewhere elseRows of Cuteness20Rows of CutenessCreative Color20Creative ColorColorful Cottage25Colorful CottageWhat We Know25What We KnowSentimental Sunday25Sentimental SundayTreasure Trove20Treasure TroveSeriously Colorful25Seriously ColorfulWhimsical Flowers25Whimsical FlowersDigitally Painted25Digitally PaintedColor Harmonies25Color HarmoniesHand Painted16Hand PaintedAlong the Way30Along the WayTufted Flower16Tufted FlowerThe Getaway Landscape30The Getaway Landscape11 of the brightest2511 of the brightestFarm Life30Farm LifeCloth Covered Buttons25Cloth Covered ButtonsGetting straight to the point20Getting straight to the pointLeaf me alone4Leaf me alone