I'm a guy on the internet. CURRENT PUZZLE SETS: Dynasty Warriors 7: CG sets, School Set, Wallpaper 3 Dynasty Warriors Blast Samurai Warriors 3: Artwork, CG set Warriors Orochi 3: Wallpaper 1 & 2, Strikeforce & Swap Set Warriors Orochi 2: Wallpaper 2 Tekken: Revolution Wallpapers, TTT2 CG, Junny, Tomio, Shunya Street Fighter IV, SF X Tekken Art, RTK XII Portraits, DoA 5, REmake, Soul Calibur V, MK9


warriors 998×
koei 748×
dynasty 687×
force 644×
omega 643×
capcom 394×
artwork 391×
7 316×
wallpaper 300×
3 272×

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Zhong Hui120Zhong HuiHuang Yueying80Huang YueyingHitomi Promo165Hitomi PromoDong He80Dong HeZhao Yun81Zhao YunSun Jian100Sun JianHideyoshi Toyotomi99Hideyoshi ToyotomiOkuni100OkuniXiahouji60XiahoujiBob90Bob

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