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military 75×
water 34×
aircraft 32×
plane 30×
tank 28×
dam 28×
air 25×
ship 19×
hydro 16×
missile 15×
32 puzzles tagged aircraft
CVN-76 USS Ronald Reagan transporting sailors vechiles across th
USS Carl Vinson at Pearl Harbour
The aircraft carriers USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76), USS Nimitz (CV
SA-11 Gadfly mobile anti-aircraft missile battery
XB-70 Valkyrie
USN Blue Angels
USAF Thunderbirds
Trio of F-16 Fighting Falcons
SU-30 Flanker C
Pair of SAAB Viggens
Pair of SAAB Gripens
Pair of SAAB Drakens
P-51 Mustangs
Mil-24 Hind
F-86 Sabre & Mig 15
F-22 Raptor high g turn